Recipe: Carrot Cake

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Recipe By:Tammy Elliott”I’ve tried many carrot cakes, and this is my favorite recipe. If you don’t like pecans, feel free to leave them out.” Click to Read More

3 Top Qualities of a good Event Host & MC (Master of Ceremony)

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Experts say a good Master of Ceremonies cultivates three important qualities: self-confidence, preparedness, and ability to roll with the punches! Eddie Love has the potential to execute all 3 and often host/MC fashions shows, conventions, weddings, private parties, cd release parties, trade shows, auditions, grand openings and even talk shows. Click to Read More

Did Magazine Subscriptions decline because of Social Networks?

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Since the emergence of myspace, facebook, twitter magazines have seen a tremendous decline in paid subscriptions. Are people relying on social media for contents? Many experts say Magazines will survive because of their capacity to invite in-depth involvement with stories and issues. Do you agree? Click to Read More

What qualities makes a Radio Announcer or DJ really good?

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Music has been a pivotal part of Eddie Love’s career and his smooth baritone can be heard on New York City 107.5FM WBLS the #1 Source for R&B. Many listeners have described his voice as versatile, passionate, relaxing, smooth and romantic. The quality of the voice is a must, and often that’s something given at birth. Other than a good-sounding voice, a good DJ is able to speak clearly and articulate well, and talk “on their feet” (able to improvise and make it sound natural) Click to Read More

Mens Winter Fashion Tips by Eddie Love

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Some men forgo fashion when it comes to cold weather survival but EDDIE LOVE doesnt believe looking good while bundling up is an arduous task. He highly recommends that every men should have a variety of coats: leather, wool and a waterproof jacket to face snow, sleet or rain. Click to Read More

Voice Overs & Commercials!

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Are you looking for voice overs or commercials for your company, product, upcoming events? Loves House now provides Jingles, Radio Spots, Voiceovers, Radio Station Jingle IDs, Original Music, TV Spots, Specialty, Radio Imaging, Documentaries, Audiobooks, business presentations, Films, Videogames, Songs, Phone and voice systems including on-hold messages, Websites. Click to Read More