Expanded Voice Description: Smooth Intensity for narrations, Dramatic Energy, Friendly, Conversational, Humorous, Authoritative, Cartoon voices, Southern dialect’s and accents in young to older ages for commercials. This versatility makes him a top candidate for voiceovers.


$15 Voiceover Dry Read
Time: (5-10 Seconds)
Quantity: 1
$70 Voiceover Dry Read
Time: (5-10 Seconds)
Quantity: 5
$25 Produced Voiceover Dry Read
Time: (5-10 Seconds)
Quantity: 1
$100 Produced Voiceover Dry Read
Time: (5-10 Seconds)
Quantity: 5

Voice Over Products

* Jingles
* Radio Spots
* Voiceovers
* Radio Station Jingle IDs
* Original Music
* TV Spots
* Specialty
* Radio Imaging
business presentations
Phone and voice systems including on-hold messages

Reasons People Choose Our Service

Multiple dialects, Superior Sound Quality, Competitive Pricing
Simple Ordering Process, Secure Online Store, Quick Turnaround Time
Easy Download Of Your Ready-To-Use Voice Recordings, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Voice Over Clients!

Budwieser Beer Grace Tropical Juice BET
Budwieser Concert Series MUSIC – RECORD CO Fox tv channel 5
Heinekin Motown Records UPN channel 9
Smirinoff Universal Music Group NBC channel 4
Bank of America Department of Housing and Preservation AUTOMOTIVE
Carver National BaNK New Jersey Power and Water BMW
FASHION Metropoltian Transit Authority Ford Focus
Macys MEDICAL Nemets Motors
JC Penney Rehab Doctor INSURANCE
Amy Ruths New York Lottery FURNITURE
Village shoes Blue World Travel Ikea
Bronx BBQ Starland Ballroom Staples
Wendys Northfork theatre GRAPHICS
Kentucky Fried Chicken NJPAC – New Jersey Debographic
McDonalds Performing Arts center Patrice Concepts
Bergen Performing Arts Center
BB Kings Nightclub


1 What is your turnaround time? We deliver small-medium sized orders within 4 days. Rush delivery is also available and can be ordered when placing your order.

2 How do we receive the files? Easy! We send you an email from voiceovers@eddieloveshouse.com with a direct link to our website directory. You can download your audio files by simply clicking on this link.

3 Do you guarantee your service? Yes, 100%! Our guarantee is quite simple. We promise to fix the problem to your satisfaction. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding service and quality. Our success rate is well over 99.5%!

4 How can I get pricing? Just click on “Pricing” on the blue menu on the left-hand side. You’ll receive an instant online quote. No need to wait!  Actually, we’re one of the only voiceover companies that offer this convenient service!

5 Do you offer discounts on small revisions? Yes, we offer special discounts for small revisions placed within 1 week of the initial order.

6 Do you have voices in other languages? No. English Only!

7 Do you offer translation services? No.

8 Do you offer computer generated voices?
NO! We never have and never will offer computer generated voices. We believe in the power of the human voice!

9 Do you offer background music?
Yes. Just ask one of our customer representatives and we’ll be glad to quote you on some of the best royalty-free music available!

10 What is the best format for streaming audio files over Internet?
MP3, 44kHz, 64 kbps is a fast streaming format that still sounds pretty good. With bit rates lower than 64kbps, the sound quality starts to deteriorate.

11 Can you supply the recording in our specific system’s file format?
Yes, we can deliver your files in just about any format. Simply select it from the dropdown menu when you place your order.

12 Is there a way to give you the proper pronunciation for specific words?
Yes, we have a special hot line you can call to record the names that need the pronunciations clarified.

13 Do you back up my audio files for future use?
Yes we keep a copy of all recordings on file, forever.

14 Do you offer a refund policy?
We cannot offer a refund but we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

15 In what currency is the billing?
(USD) United States Dollar

16 What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.

Script Formats

* Abbreviations or Acronyms?
o Abbreviations: Where each letter is to be pronounced separately, put a period (dot) between each letter.
Example: (C.I.A.)
o Acronyms: Where abbreviations are to be read as words, please write the phonetic instructions beside them.
Example: NASA (Na-saw)

* Numbers
o (Addresses, Telephone Numbers, Extensions, etc…) If you want them read in a specific way, please write it in the script as below.  Examples:
14275 (fourteen-two-seven-five)
665-555-2000 (665-555-two-thousand)

* Website Addresses
o We read them exactly as written; therefore verify that this is how you want it.
Example: http://www.yoursitename.com is read as (http colon slash slash www dot yoursitename dot com)

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